The Comparison Of Prices And Value Between Original And Super Clone Watches

Clone Watches

One of the most common activities is buying watches either for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Whether you are looking to buy an expensive brand name watch or need a watch with just the essentials, it can be difficult to know what you are paying for. The comparison of prices between original and Rolex super clone watches is based on averages from various online stores.

Genuine vs. Super Clone

A super clone is a replica of the original watch. The quality of the watch can be compared to that of a genuine brand name watch at a much lower price. They have the same appearance and functions as the original watches and are made from high quality materials with automatic movement and sapphire glass.

Genuine watches are sold in authentic brands stores. They are made by official manufacturers with a history of more than 100 years and have their own serial numbers. The only difference between these watches and the clones is in the appearance of the watch. They are sold in authentic brands stores.


It is important to check the design features of a watch to see whether it is original or a super clone. It should be noted that certain designs are not available on the market, so we have chosen some designs that are widely available on various online stores as examples. The size characters of each one is based on the same numbers and colors as described to avoid any confusion during comparisons.

clone watch


The main reason watches are often bought is to keep track of time. If the function of a watch is the same as its original, then it should be considered as original. The function of a watch includes its accuracy and durability. Some functions may vary between genuine and super clone watches but these differences are insignificant in terms of reliability as long as the functionality is similar.


This is the most important factor in determining whether a watch is a genuine or a super clone. Price should be considered from all aspects and such as the price of raw materials, design, function, the time it takes to make the watch, and maintenance.

Original watches are usually made with high quality materials that are harder to come by. Original watch parts are also more expensive than their o-rings and parts. The company has employed a team of experts who create complicated mechanisms that can only function under specific conditions such as light or shock.