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Honda Activa 5G vs TVS Jupiter Comparison Review

You’ve decided to buy your first scooter or maybe this isn’t your first time. Either way, it’s obvious that your experience with a scooter heavily depends on which one you choose to buy. Having a diverse market can be a boon, but when it comes to making decisions, can be a pain.

Honda Activa 5G vs TVS Jupiter

  • Aesthetics

Scooters generally have three dominant designs; family-oriented, sporty and maxi-scooter. Both the scooters sport the family look, meant to be generally pleasing. It’s practical and straight-forward. The Honda Activa has remained consistent with its design, due to its widespread success, but has upgraded a few features like a LED headlamp and a position lamp.

TVS Jupiter, on the other hand, has gone a little old-school, giving it an almost Vespa-esque vibe, but maintaining the price range to a more affordable bracket. It’s got a windshield, round chrome mirrors, and a cushioned backrest.

  • Seating and Instrumentation

The Activa has a new instrumentation, which is digital analogue and an ECO speed indicator. It also has a digital fuel gauge, a trip meter, and a clock. The speedometer is analogue. It’s got superior readability and has a 4-in-1 lock system along with a switch to open the seat at the front of the scooter. It also has a larger storage area.

The Jupiter, on the other hand, has a white background instrument which is all-analog. It doesn’t have a 4-in-1 lock either, instead of going for separate locks for the seat and the ignition. It, however, has an external fuel fill. Both scooters have under-seat USB charging,

jupiter bike

  • Performance and Handling

The Activa has an engine of 109.19 ccs while the Jupiter has a 109.7cc. Both of them weigh around the same, with Activa being 1 kg more than Jupiter. In reality, however, the performance difference starts to become more noticeable.

The Activa has better acceleration, regardless of the weight of the driver, when compared to Jupiter. When it comes to fuel efficiency, Honda wins out here as well, with 60 kmpl while Jupiter is only 55kmpl, because of Honda’s HET.

The TVS however, outshines the Activa when it comes to handling. Having a telescopic front suspension along with a 220mm disc in the front and drums for the rear, along with 12-inch wheels gives it a considerable edge over Activa’s trailing link suspension, all-around drum set-up, and 10-inch wheels.

Jupiter is, therefore, a more reliable option, especially on difficult roads.

Final Thoughts

Getting the right bike is all about what you decide to prioritize. Activa is better than Jupiter when it comes to raw performance and features, however, Jupiter is more reliable and works pretty decently in other areas. Compare the specifications to your needs and choose accordingly.

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What are the benefits of gardening?

People enjoy gardening because there are many proven benefits. It is a favorite pastime for many people, and some others love to grow organic things around their homes. With a basic interest, anyone could start gardening. You can decide on either a huge outdoor garden for an appealing look or to grow a small herb garden, you will enjoy it by doing it yourself. You can experience some new things every day when you see plants. You will start experimenting with many different plants to check the output. Here are few benefits that you will enjoy while gardening.

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Gardening is fun at the same time it will teach you the responsibility. Even your kids will learn what happens if they do not water plants. So, they will do the work responsibly, and it will reflect in their regular life. You can allocate different responsibilities to each of your family members like watering, trimming, and harvesting. Everyone in your family will ensure that they complete the work properly to gain a good name.

Helpful gardening tips for beginners

Saves money:

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