Car repair from hail and small dents

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A quick and professional service for repairing car dents without painting : advantages, tools, techniques, costs and insurance management. The stamp remover¬† is now a fundamental activity in our sector, due to the increase in hail damage phenomena that has occurred in recent years. However, it is a technique that has a much wider field of application and can allow you to intervene quickly and cheaply to repair many small dents that have not affected the car’s paint

hail damage repair lakewood co

When we talk about the process of repairing car dents that have not affected the paint, different names are used: bubble remover is the most common, but we often hear about pull stamps, stamps, cold repair, etc. Worldwide, the universally recognized term is PDR, an acronym for Paintless Dent Repair , which identifies all dent repairs without repainting.

The stamp removal technique is mainly assimilated to the repair of hailstorm cars, carried out with the so-called “levers” but, in reality, it can be used in a wider range of interventions, such as parking doors, balls, small bumps of various kinds , taking advantage also different tools.

The common denominator, for any type of damage, is that the metal surfaces are involved and that the paint, including the transparent layer, is not damaged in the slightest: neither cracked nor abraded.

Car damage due to hail

Anyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to park their car in a covered place during a heavy hailstorm, or hasn’t taken the necessary precautions by protecting it with a specific sheet, risks finding the bodywork seriously damaged or with several scratches on the car . In fact, if the hailstorm were to be particularly violent and the grains of considerable size, the probability of suffering substantial damages increases considerably.

How to protect your car from hail

You can protect your car with specific covers . There are numerous alternatives on the market, suitable for all budgets. The most expensive is called hailprotector and is an anti-hail sheet for electric cars that inflates to protect the bodywork. Thanks to a specific app that signals the risk of hail in real time, the tarpaulin can be inflated beforehand and protect the car. The cost of this car hail protection cover is not entirely cheap.