The Best Ways to Find Hamilton Tickets


Since the Hamilton show is very popular around the United States, it is very common for it to get sold out soon after the tickets become available.

However, if you want to watch the show with your family, you must score tickets or your kids will get angry. So, what to do if you cannot find Hamilton tickets the normal way?

Well, here are some of the best and working methods to find Hamilton musicals tickets.

Buy With Credit Cards Offers

When the tickets become available online, certain credit card holders get the chance to buy them first. While this offer is available to specific credit card companies, you can still get a chance to buy the tickets at their face value before anyone else gets the chance to buy them.


So, subscribe to the newsletter your credit card company provides to receive promotional emails including, hopefully, an email about Hamilton tickets.

Test Your Luck in a Lottery

You can also enter an online lottery to get 2 Hamilton tickets for $10 each. You can use those tickets to see the performance for that night. Moreover, you must enter the lottery before 8 AM every morning. Keep in mind that around 10,000 people try their luck in the lottery every day.

The lottery times can vary depending on the website you choose. Winning the lottery and watching the Hamilton show on the same day will definitely be a dream come true.

Wait Till The Last Minute

Usually, waiting till the last minute is considered bad especially when it comes to buying tickets to a great show like Hamilton. However, you can try your luck by visiting the box office a few hours before the show. They usually open the box office and sell any tickets they have left over.