Day Sixty-Four

Kingman, AZ

I decided to rest for a day in Kingman. When I paid for my room, I met the motel manager. She asked if I was having fun or having car trouble since I was on a bike. I explained that I was having fun, but that I didn't have much in the wind yesterday. She didn't seem to have any problem with bicycles at all, contrary to what the other clerk thought.

The first thing I had to do was get a nasal decongestant. The manager said that all the drug stores were across town, so I went to a nearby truck stop instead. Their selection was limited, but they had something that worked. For breakfast, I went to Calico's Restaurant next to the Motel 6. It was exceptional--a fluffy ham & cheese omelet with grease-free hash browns, a biscuit and honey.

Unlike yesterday, I didn't spend much time out exploring the town. Instead, I rested my legs and worked on my web site.

Breakfast was so good that I went back to Calico's for dinner. I had another great meal, starting with cheeseburger soup, followed by a Hawaiian chicken sandwich (with ham, Swiss cheese and pineapple). I wished there had been a restaurant this good in Springerville.

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