Day Four

Swainsboro, GA

I didn't accomplish much on my first rest day. I think the highlight was watching The Gauntlet on TV. It wasn't the most realistic movie (the helicopter scene was particularly goofy, I thought, not to mention the ending), but it was entertaining. Afterward, it was fun to imagine speaking like Clint in various situations, slowly and deliberately. There was a Clint Eastwood marathon on, but it was probably best that I didn't watch all of it.

I also watched an unintentionally silly  movie about a sex addict as the rain poured down outside.  It was supposed to be a real-life story addressing an important topic, blah blah blah, but I thought the movie  was better suited  for a college drinking game. Like every time he picks up a prostitute, drink a beer. Then drink two if his wife finds out about it--and slam a shot when he picks up an undercover cop (oops, better call the wife to bail you out, especially since the police  impounded  the car). Oh well, at least I managed to map out my trip in detail for the next few days and rest those sore tendons.

The rain stopped in the late afternoon. I went for a walk and went to Lynn & Bob's Bar-B-Q for dinner. The buffet didn't look too appealing, so I ordered a BBQ pork sandwich off the menu. It wasn't anything special, so I was disappointed. The night wasn't a total loss, though--I had a Snickers Blizzard at the Dairy Queen across the street from the Western Inn.

No riding today.

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