Day Seventy-Six Photos, Part I

After the road construction and hills, the first place I saw on SR 41 was the Last Stage West.

Last Stage West would have been an appropriate stop on the final day of my tour, especially because the legs of a multi-day bike race are called " stages." Unfortunately, the place wasn't open on a Monday morning.

This sign in front of the stagecoach proclaimed that I was within ten miles of my goal. However, I think the distance to Tokyo was off a bit--that was more than twice the distance traveled by the Voyager airplane on its flight around the world!

Los Padres National Forest was the last one I passed through on my ride.

I finally reached Morro Bay.

The Pacific Ocean! The people of Morro Bay pulled out all the stops in celebrating my arrival. Notice there are two kites aloft in my honor.

Morro Rock bears some resemblance to the Rock of Gibraltar.


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