Day Sixty-Eight Photos

Not only did CalTrans post stop signs on all of the little dead-end streets that feed into  the widened SR 58 corridor, but that sign post you see in the distance is a " stop ahead" sign! Oh well, I suppose they'll need them eventually.

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This sign was by the side of SR 58 west of the North Edwards exit. It looks like at various times it said " ROCKS" and " CAFE" (although something just doesn't look right about that last letter).

This is what one of Botts' Dots (named for their inventor) looks like. It is a convex plastic disc glued to the pavement for the purpose of warning the driver when he/she is drifting across a lane. They are common in California and southern Arizona. Of course, they wouldn't work too well in the North because the snowplows would scrape them off. They also are not fun to run over on a bicycle, but they are easier to avoid than rumble strips. This particular one was on a brand spanking new stretch of SR 58 between North Edwards and Mojave.

This was the lay of the land as I approached Mojave. The Tehachapi Mountains are in the distance.

Joshua trees were common near Mojave.

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