Day Sixty-Seven Photos, Part I

No, I didn't turn around and go back to Amboy Crater. This is the similar Mount Pisgah Crater.

What a deal! $400 for a shell of a trailer with fish stories (always popular in the desert) thrown in for free.

Looking across the interstate, I was fascinated by the many shades of colors in these mountains.

This cafe and motel sign just east of Newberry Springs was another remnant from the days before the interstate took away Route 66's traffic.

The pavement on National Trails Highway from Ludlow to Newberry Springs was even worse than it was from Amboy to Ludlow.

Click here to view the special photo feature of Newberry Springs.

What's wrong with this sign? For starters, " Interstate I-40" is redundant, of course. There is no need for the " I-." Also, the directional arrow should be white on blue instead of white on green. I always wonder how these oddball non-standard signs get posted.

These artifacts of the early digital era were scattered by the roadside a few miles east of Daggett.

The foamy mug of beer on this Sportsmans Club sign appeared on signs for several other taverns in the area, too.

I wondered if this tombstone-like marker was  Daggett's way of burying Route 66. There is a collection of license plates on the fence in the background.


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