Day Sixty-One Photos, Part I

It was deja vu all over again as I rode north through Granite Dells.

More granite.

I took one last look back at Granite Dells and, in the distance, Prescott.

This was the site of Camp Whipple, a cluster of tents and log cabins that served as Arizona's first territorial capital in 1864.

North of Chino Valley, I saw this sign on an old alignment of Route 89.

As I rode through Prescott National Forest, this bluff was visible to the east.

This panoramic view includes the photo above. For an even larger version (581K), click here.

Kaibab National Forest was the last of five that I visited in Arizona.

These railroad and pedestrian bridges were west of Route 89 as I neared Ash Fork. Notice the couple on the near bridge, just below the logo to the left of " Santa Fe."


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