Day Fifty-Seven Photos, Part I

The Strawberry Lodge was my home for the previous night.

My panniers were dwarfed by those of the motorcycles in front of the Strawberry Lodge.

My room at the Strawberry Lodge was pleasant and peaceful, but not exactly on the cutting edge of interior design. By the way, this picture was taken the night before, lest one think that I actually made my bed.

Since the Strawberry Lodge Cafe  closed early because of water problems, I crossed the street to the Strawberry Market for a microwaved dinner.

With the abundance of vacation and retirement homes in the area, it was natural that Strawberry's welcome sign was erected by a realtor.

I climbed to more great views after I left Strawberry.

Atop the Mogollon Rim once again, I entered Coconino National Forest, which stretched north to Flagstaff and beyond.


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