Day Fifty-Six Photos, Part I

Just a few minutes into my ride, I came to a sign marking the elevation at 7,700 feet. The day before, I had descended to 6,000 feet in Heber.

I was atop the Mogollon Rim, right near the edge. The views were incredible.

Pine trees stretched for miles and miles below.

This photo shows the rocky ledge of the Mogollon Rim.

Here is a  panoramic photo of the view in the above photos. For an extra large version (614K), click here.

I passed from Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest into Tonto National Forest, which stretches all the way to the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Somehow I neglected to take any pictures of the dramatic descent from the Rim. The first town at the bottom was Christopher Creek.

Tall Pines Market was the post office, general store, bait shop and nerve center of Christopher Creek.


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