Day Fifty-Five Photos, Part I

I ate " Italian spaghetti" the night before at the White Mountain Restaurant, which was right next door to the Motel 6 where I slept.

I saw many manufactured homes in the Southwest, but this was the first I saw with an adobe motif (strictly visual and not structural, I'm sure).

The Thunderbird Motel was one of many older motels on Deuce of Clubs Avenue. I might have stayed there if I had gone west on US 60 yesterday instead of east, where I found the Motel 6.

After two hours of pedaling from Show Low, I was finally away from development for awhile.

Pine forests lined SR 260. There were bad forest fires around Show Low in the summer of 2002, but I don't know whether this area burned or not.

Bison Town was a new " Old West" tourist site with a Western facade and lots of shops.

Naturally,  Bison Town  and the adjacent Bison Communities had to have a herd nearby.


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