Day Forty-Eight Photos, Part I

The Alegre Motel in Quemado probably had the distinction of being my shortest motel stay, since I didn't get into my room until 9 PM.

The motel may have taken its name from nearby Alegros Mountain.

Breakfast at the Largo Cafe across the street was so-so, but it was my first real meal in 36 hours. The Largo Cafe and Motel were named for Largo Canyon south of town.

This historical marker noted that Quemado was Spanish for " burned." Actually, I had been burned the day before in Datil when the motel was closed. This was where a kid asked me why I was taking so many pictures.

Although Quemado was at 6,890 feet, I still had more climbing to do. Looking back, the town is barely visible in the distance.

Short evergreens like these grew alongside US 60 west of Quemado.

Further down the road and higher up, I looked back at Quemado again. After all, it was the only town I would see until I reached my destination of Springerville, AZ about  50 miles away.


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