Day Forty-Seven Photos, Part I

This sign on US 60 described the Magdalena Livestock Driveway, a " hoof highway" parallel to US 60 used from 1885 until 1971. Cattle and sheep were driven from as far as Springerville, AZ to the railhead in Magdalena.

After a few minor hills, US 60 reached the Plains of San Augustin, the brown land beyond the trees.

The high plains were windy and flat as a pancake. Hey, what is that thing on the left?

For the answer to that question, click here to view the special photo feature of the Very Large Array.

I was looking forward to having a slice of pie in Pie Town, perhaps for tomorrow's lunch.

While taking a water break, I looked back at the Plains of San Augustin.

Half an hour later, I was climbing back into mountainous terrain. Soon I would reach Datil, where I planned to spend the night.

Since the town of Datil, including its motel, was closed on  Sundays (surprise!), I continued on. I was pressed for time, but the scenery was too pretty to let pass without some pictures.


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