Day Forty-Two Photos, Part I

These Batman-like signs were randomly placed throughout New Mexico. This one was just west of Roswell.

I saw several of these cacti along US 70/380. The yellow parts appeared to be  flowers from a distance, but close-up they looked  like squash.

From my vantage point at the top of a hill on US 70/380, I could see the Capitan  Mountains in the distance.

This stretch of US 70/380 in the Rio  Hondo valley was nice riding, but it had a reputation as a dangerous highway. The river was barely visible on the left, marked by the darker vegetation.

This picture was taken a couple miles west of the previous one.

The clouds made this mountain look like a smoke-billowing volcano.

This bridge over the Rio Hondo was originally built in 1902. It was bypassed but still standing. I was impressed by New Mexico's preservation of their steel truss bridges.

At this point I had climbed halfway from Roswell to my evening destination of Capitan. Oddly, the elevation was expressed as " 4,976.0" feet. I don't think I ever saw another elevation sign that gave tenths, and I wondered if that accuracy was actually correct or the whim of the sign maker.


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