Day Thirty-Four Photos, Part I

This window painting supported the Lamesa High School  Tornadoes.

At the west end of Lamesa, I spotted this inaccurate highway sign. While the left arrow does point to US 180 east, it should say " to" US 87, which runs along the east side of Lamesa. In fact, US 87 runs north-south, so " east" US 87 does not exist. Believe it or not, there is a Yahoo! discussion group dedicated to this sort of thing: the Roadgeeks.

The King-Mesa Gin was about five miles west of Lamesa.

For some reason, I found these patterns in the red sand fascinating.

It was like a canyon on a miniature scale.

Maybe I was just delirious from the heat and wind.

An occasional puddle like this was all that remained of the torrential rains two days earlier.

Plowed red fields went on forever.


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