Day Twenty-Seven Photos

This sign was on  the east end of Mineral Wells, a stone's throw from my motel.

Surely this castle-like building housed a different business originally, perhaps a restaurant or club.

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I found this long-abandoned gas station out on US 180, not far from Metcalf Gap.

Here's a close-up of the roadside ruins above.

Since  I got to Texas, people following along with my trip were asking  to see pictures of cows. I finally found some that wouldn't run away.

Some of the cows even showed an interest in me.

Just seconds later, most of them  turned around and ran away.

This photo shows the  typical terrain and vegetation of the area.

I thought Possum Kingdom was a cool name. The lake was formed by a dam on the Brazos River, just like Lake Granbury. This sign marked the intersection with SR 16 near a tiny town called Brad.

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