Day Seventeen Photos

Holly Ridge Rice was the only viable business I saw in Holly Ridge.

Here is a close-up of the Holly Ridge Rice logo.

Near Bee Bayou, I spotted a rusted old sign for the Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts. Heading west on US 80, one sees this sign for the Dallas, TX  location, some 300 miles distant. According to a recent phone book, it is still in business.

The other side of the sign directs eastbound travelers to the Jackson, MS location, about 80 miles away. Unfortunately, it is no longer listed in the phone book.

This is cotton country!

This mural in Rayville presents images of the antebellum South.

I don't know if any of those kids playing in the background care that Start is the home of Tim McGraw, but a bunch of them ran to the fence to wave at me as I rode by.

I'm no saint, but around the time I saw this sign after 65 miles of riding, I sure needed a rest.

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