Day Fifteen Photos

Posting weight limits like this (with no advance warning) seemed like a really stupid approach. A  trucker encountering this would have to slam on the brakes and back up, since there was no place to turn around. This particular sign was on US 80.

The Bel Air Shopping Center was on US 80 in Jackson.

I spent the night at the Clinton Inn. Oddly, they had HBO and ESPN but no other cable channels, not even (most importantly to me) The Weather Channel.

The clerk said the room was so big I could ride my bike around inside. I think he was right!

Older motels have the coolest tile bathrooms. That's a closet/changing room through the doorway to the right.

This was my artistic photo for the day. The sun was shining through the peep hole in the door and reflecting off the opposite wall in the late afternoon.

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