Day Seven Photos

There are many old Coca-Cola bottling plants throughout  small-town America. This one was in Fort Valley, a block away from my motel.

Here is a detail of the above building.

This was the site of my first flat tire of the trip. I was lucky to have the wide shoulder and bike lane, since SR 96 narrowed at the bottom of the hill (eventually, when the road is four lanes throughout, I think all of SR 96 will have bike lanes). Fixing a flat on tour is a big production since all the panniers have to be removed first.

Howard was one of the few towns on SR 96 in western Georgia that had not been bypassed by the new four-lane highway yet.

The primary tourist attraction of Howard was Crackerland Country Store, a combination antique shop, grocery and deli.

I was surprised to see a Smokey the Bear sign in Spanish out in the middle of nowhere in western Georgia.

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