Ride 5: Long Trail on the Prairie

  Biking Illinois: 60 Great Road Trips and Trail Rides  

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Boone County, IL         August 3, 2005

This was the first ride of a three-day trip to finish off my planned rides in northwestern Illinois. Our dog was very ill, so I could only be away while my wife was off work.  The Long Prairie Trail begins at the Boone County-McHenry County line and runs west to the Winnebago County line. I had pedaled most of it as part of the Grand Illinois Trail in 2000 when it appeared to be pretty new. Most of this ride was just a memory-refresher I didn't observe much that I hadn't seen before. Despite the prairie name, the trail begins with a wooded stretch to Capron.


I didn't take any pictures in Capron. The next town, Poplar Grove, has several eateries near the trail.



In the background you can see what happened to motor vehicles found using the trail:

The third and final town along the trail is Caledonia.

The trail's bridges are flat with wooden railings.

Where the paved Long Prairie Trail ends, the crushed stone Stone Bridge Trail continues into Winnebago County.


I saw few people on the trail on this weekday morning. I made good time riding east to the car, which seemed like a waste when I drove back west on Illinois 173 parallel to the trail. I had another ride to do in Rockford that afternoon.


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