2000 Fuji Newest

Type: Road 27-speed

Purchased: December 2000 from local Performance Bicycle

Made: Taiwan (tubes made in U.S.A.)

Frame: True Temper Cro-Moly

Components: Shimano Tiagra drivetrain (30-42-52 front, 12-23 rear) and brakes with STI Mavic CXP-11 wheels Ritchey Logic headset, stem and handlebars

Additions: Speedplay X-2 pedals, Terry Liberator Ti-Race saddle, aero-bars, Cateye Tomo cyclometer, Topeak Road Morph tire pump

Weight: 22.3 lbs. (stock)

My Cannondale's oversized tires didn't fit on my trainer. I suppose I could have bought smaller tires, but I bought a new bike instead. Since I hadn't ridden a road bike (aka "10-speed") in ten years, I wasn't sure how I'd like it. Consequently, I decided to buy an entry-level road bike to start out on. I was actually drawn to Fuji by a favorable review of the Ace, but I'm glad the salesperson encouraged me to step up to the year-end close-out Newest. It has a less aggressive geometry than many road bikes, with the seat and bars at about the same height--quite honestly, if I rode a bike like Lance Armstrong's, my knees would be jabbing my belly constantly! Also in the Newest's favor were the triple chainring and rear rack braze-ons. Besides, I liked the irony of buying a bike called the "Newest" that was really last year's model. The salesman noted that it was a good bike for the money except the colors, but my first car was yellow and black so I didn't mind at all. He seemed reluctant to sell me the Speedplay pedals and suggested I try the EXUS clipless pedals that were included with the bike. With my history of knee problems, I wanted the free-floating Speedplays just to be safe. I picked it up from the shop on a snowy day and hooked it up to my trainer. The Fuji has the distinction of having run over 600 miles on the trainer before it turned its first mile on the road.

Although I had a few great rides on the road in 2001, it wasn't my favorite bike (my Bike Friday was). After I got my Co-Motion, I only rode the Fuji outside once in 2002. It still gets plenty of miles on the trainer, though. Its indoor service also gives it the distinction of usually being my cleanest bike!

Memorable Rides:

2001 Janesville Rotary Pie Ride (58.5M)

2001 Smoothest Bike Ride In The World (52.5M)

2001 Interplanetary Bicycle Ride (104M)

130-mile solo ride

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